professional tool quality est. 1973

Commercial Vehicles

Article number: 3460
  • to assemble and disassemble axle nuts or grease caps, e.g. wheel hubs on trucks and trailers
  • suitable for 6- and 8-point nuts, slotted nuts, round nuts
  • with 6 pairs of adapters
  • for max. 145 mm spread between pins
  • slim design
  • solid tensioning screws
  • weight 2.8 kg (excl. adapters)

1x main body wrench
2x adapters, round, 6 mm
2x adapters, round, 8 mm
2x adapters, round, 10 mm
2x adapters, square, 6 mm
2x adapters, square, 8 mm
2x adapters, square, 10 mm

Article number: 5353
  • for cleaning and rethreading external threads, e.g. on stub shafts, hydraulic systems, steering and driving rods
  • no alignment difficulties: the thread chaser can first be attached to any undamaged section of the thread, and then work its way through to the damaged threads
  • for ø 35 - 130 mm, metric and inch, right and left hand threads
  • content:
    1x main body
    2x metric plates, pitch: 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 mm
    4x inch plates (AF), pitch: 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11.5, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24
Article number: 9903
  • for collecting oil, e.g. when disassembling full floating axles or driveshafts
Article number: 4571/39
  • designed for conical seat connections, e.g. on Actros, TGA
  • high pulling force through combined twist and impact momentum
  • trapezoid thread, suitable for impact tools
  • for loosening oil filters, fuel filters and compressed air dryer cartridges
Article number: 4775
  • for operating the pressure screw on the nozzle holder
  • for Mercedes-Benz, MAN and other commercial vehicles
  • also suitable for construction and agricultural vehicles
Article number: 4776
  • special toothed pattern for easy disassembly and assembly of diesel injectors
  • internal hexagon drive for counterholding when pulling
Article number: 4781
Article number: 4779
  • for brake calliper bolting on commercial vehicle front axles and trailing axles
  • due to the design of the spanner, it is not necessary to dismantle the track rod lever
  • for tightening the bolts with a torque spanner according to the manufacturer's specifications
E18 / E20
suitable for: MAN TGL and TGM

suitable for:
MERCEDES-BENZ Atego 970-976 for vehicles with air suspension / brake caliper bolts on rear axle
  • to set back the piston control when replacing brake pads or working on the caliper
  • 12 mm hexagon drive, with magnet
  • for SAF, Knorr and other manufacturers
Article number: 5043
  • comprehensive set with pressure pump with manometer (0 – 2.5 bar), pressure hose and seven radiator test caps for many popular trucks
  • for testing leak tightness in radiators and other cooling systems
  • for testing correct functioning of the pressure-relief valve at the sealing of the radiator or expansion tank
  • pressure loss control through manometer on pressure pump
Article number: 5492
  • for quick and precise alignment and locking of the clutch plate
  • for clutches with pilot bearing on vans and small trucks
  • stepless adjustment of mandrels from ø 36-45 mm and ø 42-52 mm
  • includes 4 adapters sleeves with ø 20, 25, 27 and 30 mm
Article number: 353/9
  • for popular cartridges in commercial vehicles
  • sheet metal 2 mm, black lacquered finish
  • with reinforced, welded square profile
  • includes 1x ring spanner 21 mm bi-hexagon and 1x oil filter strap wrench
  • 7 oil filter wrenches: 36 mm x 6 pt., 76 mm x 14 pt., 106 mm x 15 pt., 107 mm x 15 pt., 108 mm x 15 pt., 108 mm x 18 flutes, 135 mm x 18 pt.
Article number: 4253
  • for oil filters
  • also for air dryer cartriges on commercial vehicles
  • left and right hand drive for both loosening and tightening
  • extra long arms, 60 mm length, with anti-slip profile
  • heavy-duty construction, weight 1360 gr.
Article number: 4716
Article number: 5004
Article number: 8242
  • steel balls in hammer head prevent blow-back and ensure stronger impact
  • ideal for loosening stuck rims when changing wheels
  • heavy duty model, specially suitable for trucks and utility vehicles
  • handle made from fiberglass with rubber-coated grip